Morgan Schneiderlin – Season Review

It’s been a tough season for the French central midfielder. Schneiderlin was brought in to support Everton’s defensive midfield options and improve on what we already had. The 2017/18 season wasn’t great for Everton but potentially even worse for Morgan.

After a superb first season for Schneiderlin in an Everton shirt, things took a dramatic nose dive. The hope this season was that Everton had finally found the suitable partner for Idrissa Gueye and one who’s ability shone throughout his debut season at Goodison park, but that first season wasn’t to be replicated.

It was difficult to watch at times as Schneiderlin passively walked around the pitch, as out of place as Norwegian kopite in town! The stark and frankly uncomfortable change in Schneiderlin’s attitude and performances has captured the negative verbal’s from plenty of Evertonian’s this season, it’s something that has been more consistent than Everton’s showings as a team on the pitch. Although 95% of Morgan Schneiderlin’s displays have provided heartless and little ability, he did begin to show some signs of hope with a few games to go.

Overall Rating: 4/10

The Highlights

There isn’t many. No, really, my mind took me right to the last 3 games of the season where Schneiderlin began to show some kind of respect to the shirt he’s been wearing all season. Yes, he isn’t the only one to disrespect the badge and fans with miserly showings and a disinterested body language, but that doesn’t stand up and make Schneiderlin’s wearing efforts acceptable.


It was somewhat pleasing to see him show up to the last few games as we mentioned and he gave a little more effort which provided some more positive aspects from the midfielder. Against Southampton for example his passing was more calculated and had a chance of reaching it’s final destination, his energy against Huddersfield prevented the opposition from maintaining possession in midfield for prolonged periods of time and his tackling displayed against Newcastle was something the team have craved throughout the season. Those performances weren’t perfect, they weren’t even close to what we should be expecting from Morgan, but, they were an improvement and his intentions were clear and his attitude brighter.

Areas to improve

Attitude and body language are the first and most definitely the places Schneiderlin must work towards or at least become more professional with. At times this season I’ve thought to myself “Surely a man paid £100,000+ a week can’t possibly think it’s acceptable or professional to lumber his way through a game and then update his social media like it was ‘just another tough day'”. We weren’t born yesterday and if any fans will pull a player up on attitude it’s Evertonian’s. Improve or become wiser, else you can start to question whether or not the midfielder is worth persisting with.

Aside from Schneiderlin’s woeful way of presenting himself, his game just hasn’t helped his cause either. Passing has been a huge struggle all season for the French international, sometimes so bad he’s opted to hold onto the ball in the hope the opportunity to pass goes by. It is in many ways a shame to see such a random and enormous decline in a player from the previous season, with little to signs to give anyone any hope. Maybe Schneiderlin came around to Sam Allardyce’s way of playing football because it put pressure more on the forwards as we barely scored enough goals, so his own performances weren’t as noticeably bad.

Whatever the situation has been with Morgan Schneiderlin this season, if he wishes to continue his career at Everton he needs to urgently meet the minimum stands of effort and desire. I don’t believe that it’s impossible for an improvement to be made, it will be tough to now convince Every fan that he is worth the money, but it’s something he needs to give some effort to before deciding his future.

In numbers

Appearances: 30

Avg. passes per match: 37.67

Tackle success rate: 69%

Duals won: 116

Duals lost: 121

Fouls committed: 39

Errors leading to goals: 2

Interceptions: 61

ms europa.jpg


Under Everton’s next manager I’d be looking for the biggest improvement from Schneiderlin. Based on the fact he has provided the fans with an initial season of class and ability and a second season of poor standards and a depressed figure, it must be hard to go even further backwards than it is to go forward.

Schneiderlin has it easier than most players in his position do. Idrissa Gueye provides all of the running and a large amount of tackling, all Morgan needs to do is be there to pick up a loose ball and find a pass to move the team forward. There is a reason that the defensive midfielder was offered such a healthy contract by the club and it was largely due to his cultured technique on the ball and timing to make a successful tackle. Those traits will come back with the right coaching, however moments from this season simply can’t be repeated whilst his career is still in tact with Everton.


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