Marco Silva would come with baggage

By Alex Fitzgerald

Everton sacked Sam Allardyce as their manager earlier this morning. But, the bookies favourite to replace him, Marco Silva, would come with more baggage and even more pressure before the job has begun.

Whoever Everton football club choose to bring in to replace Sam Allardyce, will signify probably one of the biggest decisions in the clubs recent history. The need to find the right man is imperative as Everton can’t afford another situation similar to this season and Ronald Koeman.

Koeman came with a degree of expectation and pressure as would be the case with most managers taking the Everton job. However, Koeman’s pressure was self inflicted by both Everton and Koeman himself by the way in which he left Southampton to join the Toffees. It’s a similar situation seemingly being brought on again in the shape of Marco Silva.

Marco Silva as Watford manager

Everton attempted to sign the former Watford manager twice after Koeman’s departure but for a variety of reasons it wasn’t successful. Silva would come to Everton with a whole load of mess ready to be dredged up from his former employers, who will almost certainly seek to make the process of signing Silva difficult. Watford have already set their stalls out with a threat to process an official complaint with the FA against Everton for what they believe to be an attempt to “tap up” Silva whilst he was the Hornets manager. This obviously would cause an unnecessary amount of problems in bringing Silva to Goodison park.

Marco Silva also has an image he will be desperate to clear. The Portuguese manager had difficulty preventing Hull City survive relegation from the Premier League back in 2017. Although Hull did improve somewhat under Silva, it was ultimately not enough to save the Tigers from playing Championship football. Watford then took the interest of Silva who took up the opportunity to become the Hornets manager in pre season before the start of this season. Regardless of whether or not Watford believe Everton’s approach impacted on the decline of Watford’s performances, it has to be said that the North west Londoners were starting to struggle in their league showings long before Everton required Silva’s services. A reflection that ultimately makes you question whether or not Silva was sacked due to the teams poor performances, Watford’s dislike to Everton’s approach for their manager or a combination of both with the first option having more of an impact.

The officials at Everton simply can’t afford to get this decision wrong and the time and opportunity for the club to ‘take a risk’ on a manager has come, gone and didn’t work. Any manager that Everton are considering that comes with as much up front baggage as Silva currently represents should be overlooked immediately. Everton have the finances to provide enough temptation to some very respectable managers, managers that won’t drag difficulties or unnecessary pressure with them. It’s the clubs biggest opportunity to stabilise the ship and get the team moving in a better direction.



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