Season Review – Cuco Martina

The Dutch right-back is next in line for our 2017/18 Player Season Review series – and he’s bound to divide opinions between blues.

A signing made by Ronald KoemanCuco Martina was regularly deputised out-of-position as a left-back after Leighton Baines became injured and the Club failed to sign another defender.

He failed to set Goodison Park alight as a right-back, notably being torn apart by Tottenham Hotspur and Ben Davies in particular in a home match earlier in the season.

Despite this, Cuco Martina earned some recognition for the effort he put in whilst playing out of position. You certainly can’t fault his work ethic or attitude.

However, when it comes down to talent and quality, he wasn’t good enough.

Overall Season Rating: 5/10


Cuco Martina certainly didn’t spring any moments to remember this season. As stated earlier, he endured a night to forget against Tottenham Hotspur as the Londoners ran riot claiming a 3-0 victory at Goodison Park.

That very game was the beginning of a season of worry – particularly for the players Everton had signed in so much hope and for the season as a whole.

On the that day, Ronald Koeman described the blues as “too nice.”

However, it’s worth saying he did put in some decent shifts at left-back most notably against Chelsea (0-0 at Goodison Park) and Liverpool (1-1 at Anfield).

Areas to improve

Can Cuco Martina improve himself to become good enough for Everton Football Club? Could he be good enough as a cover at right-back? He’s not at an age where improvement comes so easy.

This means that us Toffees are very much looking at the finished article – in Martina’s terms.

Would you keep him at the club past this? Does he deserve another chance? Who knows what the future holds for Cuco Martina and Everton Football Club.

From our point of view – similar in other players cases – there may well have been too much water go under the proverbial bridge for Martina to make any kind of improvement worthy of another chance. His attitude is certainly exceptional and not once did he complain about the criticisms or frustrations sent his way from the fans and press alike.

In numbers

  • 20(1) appearances in the Premier League this season, he gained 2 assists. Including a 77.9% pass success rate.
  • 3 appearances in the Europa League this season and 1 in FA Cup.
  • 2054 minutes played this season and an average of 1 aerial duel won per match.


Overall, it’s been a disappointing season for Cuco Martina on an individual level despite playing out of position and other players underperforming.

A season where he’s been scapegoated – put in some below-par performances – put in some hard shifts – gained the respect of few, a weird collection of pros and cons have collated.

Whether or not he’ll remain a player at Goodison Park next season remains to be seen.


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