Everton’s academy staff and players ‘Singing Liverpool songs’ after outing.

Everton’s academy players and staff were granted an excursion for their hard work this season. A report from a source who wishes to remain anonymous suggests that “they were singing Liverpool songs” on their return to Finch Farm.

After a long season, a selected group of academy officials, coaches and players were rewarded with a trip to Chester racecourse for a day off.

The trip was enjoyed by all that attended in the Everton party, however, a reliable source at the club has said he was “disgusted” after hearing both staff and academy players singing Mo Salah’s song to the tune of James – Sit down and other Liverpool songs on the parties journey back to Finch Farm.

This is believed to be a frequent occurrence also taking place in the training complexes canteen area. Similar frustrations has also been reported to Everton officials by canteen staff who have also heard such songs being sung more and more regularly.

David Unsworth was offered an academy director at the start of the season, which was declined. It is believed that Unsworth is responsible for dealing with such incidents but as yet nothing has been done to prevent it from continuing.

The source was keen to have this outed to the fans to hopefully push for a change in the clubs academy ranks.

Via comeonyoublues.com


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