Gylfi Sigurdsson likely to miss rest of season and World Cup

Just when the Icelandic international had found his feet at Everton, it looks as though he will now be out of action until next season.

Reports have surfaced this morning, outlining an issue that became apparent with Sigurdsson’s knee on Saturday after Everton’s 2-0 win over Brighton. Scans on Sigurdsson’s knee were made this morning and the results suggest that he will miss the remainder of Everton’s season and his World Cup is in big doubt.

The injury is related to the ligaments around Sigurdsson’s knee, but scans were taken to determine if the injury was a wear and tear injury or one that received damaged during Saturday’s victory.Both scenarios carry a lay-off of up to 9 months, but with a wear injury it is possible Gylficould see himself return within 3 months, on the basis an operation is taken before the end of the season.

It’s believed Sigurdsson will opt to have an operation soon rather than later, in an attempt to make the World cup in the summer. This would mean he’d miss the remainder of Everton’s season.

We sought some further words of experience from a former Football League Physiotherapist, who said;

“Although it’s difficult to assess Sigurdsson’s injury without seeing his scan results directly, I can say that the injury is likely to have been one that Everton’s medical team would have been aware of. With the ligament and tendon’s below and around the knee, usually in the trade we see these two common types of injury to sports people. The severity could be as bad as an ACL injury, graded 1-3 on a severity scale, which would have seen Sigurdsson in agony and unable to continue had it have happened in this weekends game. Alternatively, it could be something such as Patella Tendinitis worsened by a tear to the ligaments around the knee, which can be debilitating to a sports person but not one that always requires urgent treatment and can be eased through massage.”

We asked what he felt we could expect the lay-off time to be.

“Again, it is difficult to assess or make a judgement without being involved in the players scans or assessments. However, I would suspect Sigurdsson’s injury is somewhere between the 2 severities I have mentioned (above) and the player would need to see a specialist to assess the problem further. Initially I would say Sigurdsson will be sidelined for at least 2 months initially based on the injury being related to a tear to the tendon or ligaments, but that could increase dependant on the treatment needed.”

It’s not the news Evertonians will have wanted to hear after Sigurdsson’s improvement in the team. The question now remains as to why the player was allowed to stay on the field knowing he had picked up an injury.

We’re expected to know for definite how long we will be without Sigurdsson in the coming days, but it appears his 2017/18 Everton season is over and his World cup left in doubt.


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