Fans show frustrations towards Morgan Schniederlin via Instagram

Perhaps one of the most under performing players in Everton’s side this season. Morgan Schniederlin has started to received hundreds of angry comments on his social media posts from fans, calling for more from the Frenchman.

It is obvious that Morgan Schniederlin isn’t the only player in an Everton shirt, so far this season, failing to meet the standards expected. The defensive midfielder has done himself few favours with the body language he continues to show on the pitch and his work rate is only the tip of the iceberg.

Many Evertonians have noticed his apparent lack of care or effort in plenty of performances across this season. People have had enough and here’s what some fans had to say to the midfielder on his recent Instagram post;

Unfortunately for Morgan, that was as polite as the comments got, with lots more Evertonians showing their anger;

A way back from here in terms of the players relationship with the fans, looks pretty unlikely. The midfielder has made mistakes like most in Everton’s side this season, but his true failure has been his lack of reaction or will to improve on things people have been asking him to change since August.

Everton were offered £20mil by West Ham in the recent January transfer window and more and more people are unhappy that our club didn’t accept the offer. Maybe it was a deal that would have suited not just the fans, but the club and the player himself.


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