FA charge Niasse – Who makes these decisions?

During Everton’s 2-2 draw against Crystal Palace on Saturday, Oumar Niasse was awarded a penalty after his run was deliberately blocked. But, since then the numerous Tv and radio shows have talked up the possibility of Niasse being sanctioned for simulation. So, we ask who makes the decisions?

The decision to charge Oumar Niasse for ‘an act of simulation’ has left us asking more questions than have been answered. You might think thats typical of a decision made by the FA and it probably is, but under the circumstances of this action being taken, it makes you wonder why the ruling was made in the first place and why it has been used in this situation and not that of others?

It was shocking to see both Alan Shearer and ex-Everton captain himself, Phil Neville, go at Niasse on Saturday evenings Match Of The Day. They replayed the clip of the incident at least 4 times, just to be sure that their pundits opinions could be rammed down everyones necks as they watch, what was, a penalty.

Shearer mentioned how ‘soft’ he felt it was. I hate to be abrupt but if we’re banning players retrospectively because their penalty, the previous weekend, looked too soft and not genuinethen every player should give up trying with immediate effect. The amount of footballers I’ve seen throw themselves to the floor already this season with little more than a passing grab at their shirts, has been the embarrassing part of this decision the FA have made.

I recall Dele Alli, not once, but twice, throwing himself to the floor in a game against Huddersfield, this season. That game had already been won for Tottenham, but Alli should have walked for two clear acts of simulation. The first incident was probably the most small minded and spineless thing I’ve seen on a football pitch for a long time. The game is in the 60th+ minute, Spurs are already 3-0 up and Huddersfield’s captain who was sitting on a yellow card, goes after Alli. The moment Huddersfield’s Aaron Mooy catches up to the Spurs midfielder, Alli drops to the floor. There was only contact with Alli’s shirt and the way in which he went down was something British Olympic diver Tom Daley would have been proud of.The referee waved play on. No foul to Tottenham, no yellow card of freekick to Huddersfield for simulation.

If that wasn’t enough, Alli goes through on goal 5 minutes late, takes a touch which knocks the ball away from goal and drags his leg along the floor awaiting the contact from the goalkeeper. It never came and nor did the yellow card or freekick in Huddersfield’s favour. Not only was there no decision made by the referee that day but there was no retrospective action even entertained for two counts of clear cheating and the media swept it under the carpet as quickly as possible, putting it down to the usual “He’s only young” and “He will learn”.

Dele Alli dives for a second time in last seasons game against Bournemouth

The decision was made for a new ruling called ‘successful deception of a match official’. If the naming of the ruling wasn’t laughable enough, it also has a panel of 3 decision makers at any one time. Those who could potentially hear Niasse’s case will include one former manager, one former player and one former match official. Here are some of the names in the ex-managers pool up for selection:

Nigel Adkins, Terry Butcher, Alex Mcleish and Chris Powell.

In the former players pool there is:

Rachel Brown-Finnis, Danny Murphy, Lee Dixon, Trevor Sinclair and Phil Neville.

Finally, in the former match officials section it includes:

Keren Barrett, Steve Dunn, Mike Mullarkey, Alan Wiley and Eddie Wolstenhome.

The 3 strong panel most likely won’t ever be known unless it’s leaked from with the club. But, considering 3 of the ex-players appear frequently on Match Of The Day, the show that makes the decision for the FA, I don’t think Niasse stands much chancs if he were to appeal the initial charge.

It’s time that the pundits on these football shows were only able to discuss an issue that could or is impending until after a decision is made. That way the millions of viewers, including no doubt some members of the FA, don’t have their minds made up by the opinion of a former player who now reads his opinion of an auto-queue.

Players such as Dele Alli continue to make this ruling a farce.Regardless if they’re a young, learning England international, nobody cares about that, but they do care about seeing that every single player falls under the same ruling when applicable.


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