Peter Reid: Everton manager search smacks of indecisiveness.

The Former Everton midfield maestro, Peter Reid, has had his say on the slow and somewhat painful approach to finding a new manager.

It’s obvious, painfully obvious, that there is no clear favourite for the job amongst the Everton board. First, Sam Allardyce was top of the list in a moment of worry after Everton’s 5-2 defeat to Arsenal, which eventually saw the reign of Ronald Koeman come to an end. Whilst Allardyce was thought to be the option, Sean Dyche was also earmarked as a permanent replacement for the departing Koeman.

More recently, it has become apparent that Bill Kenwright and a couple of other board delegates have no issue with giving David Unsworth the job on a permanent basis. It is, however, believed that Farhad Moshiri has no interest in that option and wishes to find a more headlining replacement.

Peter Reid appeared on Goals on Sunday and vented his and our frustrations with the current manager search;

“I ain’t got a problem with David having a job, he has done brilliant with the u23’s, but it’s more difficult being a Premier League manager”

Reid continued;

“What I would say is, get a manager in, it’s been too long. It smacks of indecisiveness and it smacks of Everton not knowing what they’re doing”

The Everton legend also wasn’t happy with the summer transfer window, where the Blues splashed £150mil on new signings.

“It was poor. A year ago everyone in football knew Lukaku was going and that we had to get a striker in.”

“That is your priority, they didn’t do it.”

“Wayne Rooney, they got Sigurdsson, Klaassen – Are they all similar? For me, yeah they’re all similar. And so it was a massive, massive error not getting (Lukaku replacement) – They got the boy Sandro in for £5mil – but they had to go and get a big One.”

Many believe that the calamity of errors in the summer transfer window wasn’t solely down to Ronald Koeman. Since the Everton board brought Steve Walsh to the club as director of footballing operations, it was widely believed he would take charge of transfers and negotiating deals with potential players. Peter Reid also admitted to having mixed emotions on the sacking of Koeman;

“I know they were after Giroud but surely you have a list of players?”

“We all make mistakes in the transfer market, but you get one in (Striker), you’ve got to get one in.”

“I don’t like managers getting the sack but from the performances – and i’ve watched Everton a few times this season – and the atmosphere at Goodison Park it was always going to he tough to turn it around.”

Finally, Peter tipped his hat in acknowledgement to the significance and achievement the late Howard Kendall made, in turning the clubs fortunes around;

“Having said that I played in an Everton team where Howard Kendall went through similar experiences and we turned it around. And I was player-manager at Manchester City when a certain Sir Alex Ferguson turned it around, so it’s all about choices.”

Although many understood the importance in not making a ‘knee-jerk’ decision in signing a new boss, the Toffees are now 24 days down the line from when they removed Ronald Koeman from his position.

The lingering frustrations of the fans are building and everyone can see that Everton are clearly struggling to bring in a manager.


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