Marco Silva: Haven’t we been here before?

The clock is ticking for Everton to find the replacement for Ronald Koeman. Although it won’t benefit anyone to rush a decision, we question if Marco Silva is really the right man for the job.

When you have found yourself in a position as a club, whereby you’ve sacked a manager after just a season or more, it would be natural to go in search of a man that can provide a little stability to the club.

However, I personally just don’t see the hype in Marco Silva. Great, a few Sky pundits have talked him up as the next ‘Mauricio Pochettino’ (Who by the way is yet to win a thing in English football), but it’s tough to see where they find that loose comparison to a not yet proven manager. The bottom line is Everton as a club have gone so far away from our roots in recent years, meaning the players and managers over that time have lost honesty, fight and above all a bit of pride and integrity when it’s tough.

The last thing our club need right now is to throw in another experiment at almost a carbon copy of Roberto Martinez. I have to admit at this point, Silva sets his teams up a lot better defensively, but the fact remains that the way his sides play football match that of our former manager. Teams kill Watford on the break time and time again. I draw back to the Chelsea game when they were 2-0 up, they ended up losing 4-2 and 3 of the Chelsea’s goals were on the back of breaks from one end of the pitch to the other. Even our game against the Hornets a couple of weeks ago, proved how vulnerable they are when they’re in the lead, we witnessed exactly the same thing so many times under Martinez.

I hate to harp on about Roberto Martinez, as his very name makes me wince in embarrassment for his shameful tactics and utter cheek to lie about how the team were performing, But thats a whole different story.

Moving back to Marco Silva and it’s clear to see after this weeks reports, that like Ronald Koeman he is ready to jump ship at the next best offer. He wants the move to Everton but Watford are refusing him to have official talks and frankly I hope their club continue with that stance. We just can’t afford to take a risk on an unproven manager that failed with a job at Hull that big Sam himself would have succeeded in.

Silva’s move to Watford was about right. He literally went from one relegation fighting side to another. Now, ok he has made a difference at Watford, but it’s not hard when most of their fans expected nothing more than survival in the Premier league. Don’t buy the hype that these pundits spout on live television every week, Marco Silva has won absolutely zilch in any league worth mentioning. We can’t keep providing this olive branch of opportunity to managers that “could do well because we have great players and loads of money”. What we really need is a manager that is honest, that buys into the ethos of the club, can work with the expectations, quality players and a few egos we have and the cash put on the table for transfers.

If we’re going off the 3 long checklist above Marco Silva has doesn’t cut it on all three counts and heres why; Is he honest? Well, i’m not going to pretend I know him, but, can you say someone is honest to their role as a manager when a bigger offer comes in and their mind has already left their current job?

Will he buy into the ethos of the club? Well so far we’ve had two experiments for managers, Martinez pretended he understood Everton yet simply continued to contradict that belief by lying about the state of affairs he dragged the team into. Ronald Koeman referred to the club as ‘Everton’ and never ‘Us’ or ‘We’. What i’m getting at is it’s not in foreign managers interests to have an affiliation with the fans, the morals the club was built on or the actually ethos’ and values that have taken us to this point. I can’t see Marco Silva changing that trend, with that in mind the foreign players we recently bought carry on showing disrespect to the club with lazy, disinterested performances because their coach doesn’t represent a culture of unity with the team, the fans or the clubs values.

Finally, will Marco Silva be able to work with the expectations from around him, the quality players and egos we currently have and be able to deal with the pressure created by a huge amount of money being trusted in his possession? You literally can answer all three of those points with the same sentence. Has he been in a position before were he has had the above constraints? The answer is, No. Meaning you’re taking a risk in employing him to ultimately find out the answers, we aren’t the team to take that chance anymore.

Olympiacos was his first big job and ultimately having them finish in the top three in a league with an awful standard of football, wasn’t exactly an achievement more a bare requirement. They had no quality players as such at the time and any players with egos in Greece probably wouldn’t have survived their fans. Finally, they had no money so Silva would have been under no pressure at all to bring in a world class centre forward or the such like. Hull and certainly Watford are probably even less of a comparison to the above as we all know.

I feel passionately about this particular candidate because we’ve seen it all before already and what we witnessed was painful and not even close to the requirements. Silva may work out at another club, but, I guarantee it will be at a club with medium to low expectations with little pressure to succeed. Like Martinez, he may surprise a few every now and again because he sets his team up for the exact out come. Occasionally, his Watford side might go onto beat a top 6 side but ultimately will falter against the teams in and around them leading to a finish no higher than mid table. Not him, not now.


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