Jordan Pickford proves the difference for England

Jordan Pickford proves the difference for England and became the first current Everton goalkeeper to win an England cap since Gordon West in Mexico in 1969.

The Everton goalkeeper really impressed against Germany for England , Pickford was not fazed by the big occasion and with the game finishing 0-0, from a defensive point of view it was a big positive.

In the first half the German Timo Werner ran in on goal three times. Pickford kept him out every time, but has he done enough to ensure a World Cup starting place?

During the match Pickford proved once again why Koeman and Everton went in big to secure his services, making him the second highest signing for a premier league team in that window.

Pickford has certainly staked a big claim to be Koeman’s best signing of the summer, both for club and country. Although games for his club have not gone the way he may have wanted. I think some results would have been much worse without Pickford between the sticks so far this season and that already is a big tick next to his name.

Yes he’s still young and still learning and he will continue to get better, but His decision making and coming for balls, holding onto crosses and reducing spills will improve as time goes on.

During his recent u21 games his distribution from defence to attack was genius at times and we’ve seen glimpses of this in an Everton shirt and the more the team confidence improves, inparticular getting a forward line making runs, he will be a great asset to have guiding the team from defence to attack.

Goalkeepers receive more criticism than any other player on the pitch, as their mistakes may often lead to a goal. However, there have only been a couple of occasions that Pickford could be responsible for conceding a goal. It’s often said the best players experience tough and adverse times early in their career and Pickford has already has his fair share. Sunderland’s relegation from the Premier League last season would have hurt the youngster, who originates from the city. So far at Everton, he hasn’t exactly seen success, hopefully this will build his resilience going forward and provide him with confidence in his ability.


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