David Unsworth expected to finish the season as Everton manager.

In yet another rumour whirlwind it appears Sam Allardyce has been replaced as favourite for the vacant managers post, by the man currently in temporary charge.

After it was believed that Farhad Moshiri and the other Everton board of directors, along with Bill Kenwright, were understood to have had intial discussions with Sam Allardyce in London. It now looks as though those talks wound up unsuccessful for both parties.

Sam Allardyce is understood to be looking for a long term contract in the Premier League.

It has always been a credible notion to understand that most top grade managerial candidates won’t be interested in diving in at the deep end mid way through a season. Unlike a players transfer window in January, most high profile managers deem their own reputation much more important than any finacial figure and as such will wait until the end of a season before becoming avaliable for new jobs. 

With that in mind, it’s likely Everton will seek a manager that is willing to take the team forward until the seasons end and hope they can mount whats needed to move up the table in the meantime. Allardyce clearly didn’t fit that bill and wasn’t forthcoming with the rumoured 12 month offer Everton’s deligates were willing to offer him.

Sean Dyche, although talked up by the media, was never truly in the picture, a mutual opinion shared by both the manager and the club. Which leaves David Unsworth, whom is anything but Everton’s last resort, but instead, probably the safer option to take the team forward in the short term. 

Unsworth has displayed some real guts that some of the best managers may fear to show. His lack of leeway on the correct attitude he wishes his players to take has seen him banish two players, on a high profile basis, from a training session already. Not only that, after Everton’s Europa league ending defeat in Lyon it is understand that Unsworth questioned his players commitment and attitude in their post match team talk, which was something most Evertonians were crying out for him to do. It’s pretty clear that Unsworth will not hide from the tough parts of the job, a trait the Blues will hope will reinstall the discipline and correct mentality back into their squad.

Unsworth is more than a credible candidate and is starting to have an impact on the Everton squad.

Everton’s former u23s manager has set his stall out early as the old fashioned manager that the club hasn’t seen in almost 7 years since the departure of David Moyes. A club built on honest and hard working foundations, the team under both Roberto Martinez and Ronald Koeman faltered and slid away from those values, exchanging them for a lack of mental capacity to overcome the easiest of opponents and be together as a team and with the fans when it matters most. Both are subjects that Unsworth has highlighted in his press conferences so far in his short three week rolling contract as the first team manager.
To anyone who thinks that money can buy anything in this game, this is point in evidence that this particular asset can’t be bought until it suits the manager in question. It is refreshing, when you side away from your Everton allegiance, to see that the big managers in the game still have their job reputation over that of money in situations such as this. But, if it is the case that Everton’s board will provide Unsworth an opportunity until the end of the season, then they must have their number one target tied up and ready to go in the summer.

Farhad Moshiri has been quoted as saying he regards Diego Simeone, current Atletico Madrid boss, as the clubs number 1 target. But, he did admit that any deal for the highly renowned manager wouldn’t be possible until the summer. Also in the picture is Carlo Ancelotti who has recently spoke fondly of the Premier league and his “desire” to return to manage a club in the competition in the future. The Italian also recognised Everton’s interest and didn’t rule it out as a possibility.  

Rumoured to be seeking a move away from Atletico previously. It is believed that with Atletico’s current strife in La Liga, this could be Simeone’s last year at the club.

Both are very high profile managers and both are a sign that although Everton has hit a very rough patch, their majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri, is still aiming ambitiously to progress Everton amongst the best in the game once more. 


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