3 Thoughts – Niasse, The defence and desire.

Well blues , with a must win game , any which way. We couldn’t have expected that. Here’s our 3 thoughts.

It’s a start

• Is the defence still gonna be our biggest problem? Another area that must be strengthened in January. Keane was a much needed addition today and Jagielka is clearly a better option over Williams, but no longer the future.

The desire made the difference
• At last some passion , but should it have taken going behind for it to happen?

The Blues wanted it more, it was obvious after Watford took a 2 goal lead that we weren’t done. The players have had it hard and tonight was a culmination of the efforts they’ve shown in parts under Unsworth over the last 2 weeks. Niasse provides all the running any side needs and he is the centre forward we should really be appreciating more, he is so far away from the player Koeman lead us to believe he was.

Lookman gave us the much needed width and pace when it mattered and was confident in taking and holding possession. Although he was a little greedy at times, it’s good to see a winger that constantly wants the ball. Davies didn’t have the best of games with his distribution, but he tied up the midfield dramatically from what we’ve seen recently, along with Gueye they were able to mix defence and attack well in the second half.

The support tonight, was by far and away the best we’ve seen at Goodison in a while.

Niasse is the answer

• What you don’t get from Niasse in ability he more than makes up for with shere spirit and hunger. A true model professional and arguably the most ‘Everton’ kind of forward we’ve had at the club since Cahill. Constantly wants to win the ball, run with the ball and get to long passes.

As mentioned above we were all lead to believe he isn’t fit to wear our shirt, I can tell you now that was a load of bad press from our ex-manager. The way he rolls off the shoulder of his defender, utilises his strength to break the challenge and the puts his foot down to reach the ball is pretty much all you can ask for from a loan striker. Oh and he can score and he did again, he’s a nightmare for defenders.


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