As the search for a new manager continues, what went wrong for Ronald Koeman?

As the search for a new manager continues, it’s time to sit back and discover what really went wrong for none the less, an undoubtedly talented manager, Ronald Koeman. 

We’ll try and narrow it down to three things…

Being the face of Everton Football Club isn’t an easy task. A man with a big ego, a past that demanded respect found that out. Presumably sooner than expected. So what really went wrong for Ronald Koeman and WHY?


Romelu Lukaku was a huge loss. Any manager in world football would admit that. However, failing to replace him is almost criminal. Whether or not this is the responsibility of Steve Walsh or the board, it’s suicidal. 

Tactically, Ronald Koeman struggled to come up with a reliable solution for the gap the Belgian left and although the Toffees were beaten on Wednesday night, David Unsworth proven that this shouldn’t affect the whole team’s performance as Everton put in a spirited performance away at Stamford Bridge. In conclusion, it was Ronald Koeman’s fault for not being able to affectively cope with the loss of a world class forward in Romelu Lukaku.


Davy Klaassen, Sandro Ramírez and Michael Keane. These signings have so far failed to live up to their respective expectations. Gylfi Sigurdsson isn’t on this list because I, the writer, believe it’s unfair to criticise a player who depends on a target man we failed to deliver. Fuck the Gylfi haters.

So, Ronald Koeman signed these players mainly with the belief that they could shoulder the burden of replacing the goals that Romelu Lukaku delivered. Unfortunately, they have failed to deliver and that has ultimately cost him his job. Michael Keane has so far been a fragility in defence which contradicts with his stark form for Burnley last season. Whether or not himself and the others can turn their form around remains to be seen.


Lack of belief and uncertainty. The Dutchman just could NOT decide what his best team was. 

Wayne Rooney played in almost every position on the pitch, Gylfi Sigurdsson looked like a winger who dreamt of being a centreback and Nikola Vlašić’s position was shifted more times than a wardrobe. Ronald Koeman failed Ronald Koeman. I truly believed he was the right man for the job, maybe it came 3-4 years too early for him.

For the record, I’d like to thank Ronald Koeman for all his hard work, the big signings he made and some incredible results.

What’s YOUR thoughts on Ronald Koeman’s sacking blues and what do YOU think went wrong for him? Let us know down in the comments below 👇


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