Vlasic shines, Change the formation and No Lookman – 3 Thoughts

Evertom travelled to the Amex stadium in search of a much needed 3 points. We look at 3 points that factored to the draw.

Vlasic shines

You can’t rely on one player to carry all your pace in the team. Unfortunately, that is the case with the Croatian winger. Everton are slow on the ball and even slower off it, but Niko Vlasic continues to try and drive us forward with his quick turn of foot and technical ability.

The one thing that stands out to us when comparing Vlasic to the rest, is that he is fearless. He has nothing to lose having come from an honest footballing background. When you look at the rest of the team you have Rooney that has been there and done it at the highest level, Sigurdsson who hasn’t exactly needed to work hard to stay in the Premier league whilst in a weak Swansea side and Morgan Schneiderlin who has always been at a top club. We don’t have the work ethic every other Premier league club possess. But, as long as Vlasic remains in the team, we will always have a hard working, disired drive individual who will do everything he can.

Change the formation

The real bug bare that most Evertonians share the same opinion on. What really baffles us is that Koeman changed formation at home to Bournemouth, with a simple 4-4-2. 2 strikers and 2 wingers. They couldn’t contain us, we took the defensive shackles off and gave them both barrels, which included pace and an extra man at the top end of the pitch to stretch the defences attention. It worked, we scored 2 goals in 8 minutes, it wasn’t just an impact it was an instant impact.

Since then though, Koeman has refused to play the same formation. He hasn’t allowed us to have 2 wingers on the pitch for a prolonged period of time. Today, as the game was going away from us and 3 points were about to stay at the Amex, he brought Mirallas on giving us 2 wingers. Again, it brought instant success, a penalty inside 5 minutes of the change. Koeman must look at the failings of our previous manager, the over powering reason that Roberto Martinez’ reign wasn’t a success. Stubborness. If your a good coach you are willing to change what isn’t working no matter how much you trust that particular way of playing.

No lookman

As mentioned above, Koeman’s incessant selection policies have left one of the countries best talents high and dry at our club. Lookman didn’t even make the bench today, something that just isn’t right. A kid with raw pace, potential and ability who has gone past the point of getting games in the u21s and now needs his birth in the Premier league.

Every team needs a balance of young players, experienced players and players with a work ethic. As it stands Everton are heavily weighed in the direction of experience, those particular players have no real ambition to win anything at twilight of their careers. The balance is the likes of Tom Davies over Morgan Schneiderlin and Ademola Lookman over Gylfi Sigurdsson. Pace, raw ability evened out by a little experience and know how.


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