Manchester United vs Everton – Match Preview

Let’s be realistic, we all know this could be a tough watch. But, Everton travel to Old Trafford with a point they surely have to start proving.

This match today isn’t going to be an easy game. Heavy defeat is a possibility. Romelu Lukaku getting the last laugh and bagging a hat trick is likely. A fan running on the pitch and twatting Ronald Koeman with a purple dildo isn’t too far off. I can go on…
They will most likely destroy the channels, make it look like men against boys, embarrass us at times but that’s nothing we aren’t used to is it blues? Especially in the past few games…
However, I had a dream. I had a dream that one day Everton Football Club will rise up and live out the true meaning of it’s creed. I had a dream that one day we will witness our great Club, well, not be shite. A great man once said: “Let us not wallow in the valleys of our despair, I say to you today, my friends.”
I had a dream that even one day the city of Liverpool, a city sweltering with redshites, sweltering with the infectious delusional redshites, will once again witness the greatness of our Club.
Can Wayne Rooney score on his return to Old Trafford? Will Michael Keane come to regret his decision to join the Toffees over the Red Devil’s? How long until Morgan Schneiderlin makes a forward pass? So many questions…
I HAD A DREAM. And who knows blues, if a hole rips into the time spectrum, if pigs ever do fly, if the man in the sky burns his toast, if dreams ever do come true… it could be today. We could get that result. 



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