Ross Barkley’s time at Everton is over

On Wednesday morning, Ronald Koeman answered the medias questions ahead of Thursday’s Europa league clash. However, Ross Barkley was the subject of attention.

It has been pretty obvious that Ross Barkley has wanted away from Goodison Park for a while. Last season Ronald Koeman admitted an offer of a new contract had been offered to Barkley but he was “yet to sign”.

Since then it’s all been very quiet. Until today when Ronald Koeman confirmed Barkley will leave the club. He said

“We have offered Barkley a very good deal that he has rejected. He has told me he wishes to leave and seek a new challenge”.

When Koeman was questioned by the flabbergasted press further, the gaffa confirmed

“Barkley will leave 100%”

It’s a sad state of affairs that Ross Barkley feels the rumoured £120,000 a week deal he was tabled was not good enough, instead opting to find something similar elsewhere. It may well be a little tougher for him to do so, with no current deals being offered by any other club.


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