A ban means a ban – An open letter to Everton Football Club

Everton officially banned the S*n and it’s reporters from any grounds owned by the club, including Goodison Park and USM Finch Farm. Now, However, comes UEFA who believe the club should allow the newspapers journalists to attend all Europa league fixtures and participate in any press conferences.


Directors and officials of Everton Football Club,

Our club has been a strong and stable support for the families of the 96 football fans, who lost their lives in the Hillsborough disaster, since the devastating event took place.

We have been a shining example of how football fans and their respective clubs should come together to overcome grief and tragedies that have unfortunately taken place in our game. 

More recently, you as officials and directors of our club, took the correct decision in banning any of The S*n newspaper journalists from our training ground, our stadium and anywhere else under the clubs ownership. Amongst that ban, was a ban of any such journalist taking part in ANY press conferences, pre or post match to any of our fixtures.

However, it has been made apparent that whilst Everton compete in the UEFA Europa league, the journalist associated with the above newspaper may well be allowed to attend our fixtures in that competition. Not only that but the journalist will also be given a right to attend any press conferences on Europa league game day.

Simply, this isn’t acceptable. You as officials have taken the stance, that our fans support 100%. It would be tame of us as a club to fail our ban at the new seasons first hurdle. We do not wish to have journalists from this newspaper attend Thursday evenings Europa league fixture with MFK Ružomberok or any other forthcoming Europa league fixture.

It is clear that the governing body of this competition, UEFA, may seek to penalise us for such a ban on a media outlet. However, any action UEFA wish to take, we should continue to support the stance we as a club have previously taken. Any potential fine should either be paid or appealed as this is simply not a matter of money and more a matter of morales and ethics.

As a fanbase, we ask that our officials and directors continue to follow up on the ban we imposed on the S*n journalists. We also wish that it is ensured, our playing staff and first team management don’t engage in answering any questions from such newspapers for any forthcoming fixture.

A ban is a ban, Total eclipse of the S*n,



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