Meet The Oppo Q&A: Chelsea

Ever wanted to know what the opposition clubs think about Everton? Which of our players they’d have in their team? Or their opinion of an event between the two clubs? Well, this is your chance!

We sat down with @WAGNH (We Ain’t Got No History -Chelsea fan page) to discuss the questions on the lips on Evertonians. Starting with Romelu Lukaku and his ongoing transfer saga. We also asked for their opinions on the toffees going into next season and what they think of Ronald Koeman.

Everton That:  First things first, allow us to send our congratulations on your championship winning season, Chelsea were a tough team to beat both home and away last season. 

Both of our fixtures against your team ended with heavy defeats for us Toffees, something we want to try and forget! But, the 3-0 victory at Goodison Park must have felt like the game you more or less sealed the title, would you agree?
@WAGNH – The ultimate optimists will point to the run of three 1-0 victories back in December as the first real sign that something special was brewing at Stamford Bridge this season, but the 3-0 at Goodison did in fact make it plainly obvious to all that this title belonged to Chelsea — especially since Everton away is never easy and we tend to struggle even in the best of times. Incidentally, not that I want to dwell on your painful memories, but the 5-0 at the Bridge was perhaps Chelsea’s most complete performance of the season and the greatest validation of Conte’s 3-4-3 revolution. Koeman’s decision to emulate the formation, while entirely unsuccessful, would set a precedent for many future opponents.

Everton and Chelsea have never been too far away from some kind of transfer speculation milling around between the two clubs in the past, John Stones being a good example, now it’s Romelu Lukaku. As a fan do you feel you need him in your current side? And would he feature regularly if the signing was to go ahead?

With Diego Costa all but assured of an exit (we only have to figure out just how acrimonious that’s going to be), Chelsea will need a new main striker. Lukaku is one of the best and perhaps the best available and if he joins, he’s sure to lead to lead the line like it was once envisioned by the Technical Director when he plucked little Big Rom out of Belgium.

If Lukaku did eventually end up back at Stamford Bridge would you see that as a step backwards after selling him to ourselves just over 4 seasons ago? Or would that go down as a mistake on your then manager Mourinho’s part?

It would go down as a mistake — it probably already should be considered a mistake, right alongside Kevin De Bruyne’s sale — but we’ve shown that we can swallow our pride and take the financial hit and re-sign players who called Stamford Bridge home once already (e.g. Matic, David Luiz). 

This one is probably more personal preference but having seen enough of both players who would you prefer? Costa or Lukaku?

That’s a tough call as I don’t think we’ve got to witness anywhere near the fully formed Lukaku at Chelsea. Back then, he was still incredibly raw, with a terrible first touch, some surprising deficiencies (especially in the air), and a generally divisive personality. Some of those may still be true, but scoring goals by the bucketloads tends to smooth over most things. One thing that Costa did provide and was mostly overlooked is great effort and hustle off the ball and out of possession, but if Lukaku can replicate that as well, we should be able to look back at this summer in the final analysis and see an upgrade at the position.

Although last seasons meetings between our two sides didn’t have much in the way of competition for yourselves, the fixture between Everton and Chelsea has more often than not thrown up some belting spectacles. Which would have been your most memorable against us and why?

There’s no doubt plenty of recency bias in answering such questions, but the 6-3 from 2014 will live long in the memory, I’m sure. It was easily the most unexpected result at Goodison I can ever recall.

If you could have one player at Chelsea from Everton’s current side, other than Lukaku, who would you choose and why? 

Having just finished watching the U20 World Cup, I’d say either of Calvert-Lewin or Lookman would be a lovely addition to Chelsea. Of course, we’d then loan him back to Everton and then sell a couple years later, and then buy back a couple years after that for three times as much and then they’d be big stars at the Bridge. 

Looking onto next season I fully expect Chelsea to mount a very tough title defence and I most definitely see you guys sitting pretty in the top 2 come the end of the season. However, where can you see Everton finishing next season?

It’s tough to see Everton cracking the top six at the moment, so another high mid-table finish is what I would expect. 

From a neutrals perspective what kind of influence do you feel Ronald Koeman has made on this Everton team so far and how far do you think we can go under the dutchman?

We used to have a special dislike of much-hyped under-deliverer Roberto Martinez, the Singer in the Shower, so Koeman is by default an improvement on him. Beyond that, Koeman’s a solid football manager with reasonable and sound ideas and seemingly not wedded to a fault to any ideology. Unfortunately, the limits that Everton can reach will be set by money rather than the manager.

Finally, thank you once again for taking part in our Q&A, we hope we can link up again during the season, but for now we will finish by asking if you could pick one feature from our football club to have replicated at your club what would it be and why? For me the feature i’d take from Chelsea is a little bit of luck and success when it matters!

I’d like to see Chelsea ban The Sun as well

– A classy way to end the Q&A! Keep an eye out for our next fan page in our ‘Meet The Oppo’ series.


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