The return of Rooney

The England international Wayne Rooney is ready to return home to Goodison park. Rooney has played out the majority of his career at Manchester United, but we look at the untold positives a move to Everton will have for both Rooney and his former club.

Many Evertonians are yet to be convinced by Rooney returning to Goodison, but we believe the positives vastly outweigh the negatives. Rooney currently holds the record as Manchester United’s and Englands leading all time goalscorer and those goals haven’t all be scored in his earlier years.

The name will be recognised worldwide, everybody knows Wayne Rooney but not everyone will know that the boyhood Blue started out at Everton. The impact a player of that calibre will have on a team will be massive going forward, a constant reminder that Everton are no longer ‘little old Everton’. If our club has true aspirations of being back on a world stage and being a brand recognised across continents, then the players and the names on the pitch have to match that goal.

Rooney has had the last 3 years under some fairly average managers, David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal didn’t exactly fit the bill with either players or the fans at Old Trafford, so Rooney’s apparent dip in form is maybe understandable. Even under Jose Mourinho, Rooney has found himself struggling to get into a side that clearly lacks a forward, but Mourinho isn’t keen on playing Ibrahimovic and Rooney in what would be a pretty aging front line.

Be it a free transfer, a purchase or a loan, the wages for Rooney’s first season of any deal will be paid for in shirt sales alone. The scouser we once knew scoring that goal against Arsenal is no more, he simply isn’t that same kid anymore and that goes for more ways than just his age. Wayne has had to grow up, he has had the weight of a Manchester United side on his shoulders through big Premier League matches, Champions league finals and cup finals alike. He has been their constant source for goals for a decade and the image that has given him worldwide will be carried to his next club, without doubt.

Above and beyond all things money and worldwide popularity, Rooney is still a fantastic footballer. He is still capable of netting 20 Premier League goals in a season and has the ability to lead a team around the pitch. He is a highly respected professional of the game and even referees find it hard to say ‘No’ to him once he has had a quiet word, like it or not Everton have never had that ballsy attitude in recent history.

If the above doesn’t convince or appeal to you enough, then maybe the fact that our once young a protege is to return with a point to prove and a hunger for success with his boyhood club might. Rooney doesn’t just have us as Evertonians to prove a point to, he has Mourinho, Van Gaal, Moyes and the fan base that have turned their heads away from him in the last couple of years. To add to that Rooney has Gareth Southgate and a point to prove to the nation that he isn’t finished. If he is going to prove those points it’s more likely to be at a club he once loved rather than aboard or anywhere else.


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