The tide on Merseyside is changing

Everton have set about on a quest to refind the clubs greatest years, with Farhad Moshiri and Ronald Koeman leading the way.

It is plainly obvious that, even to an outsider, Everton football club has sprung to life in the past 12 months. The Toffees have been widely recognised for years as the sleeping giants of English football, a title which looks like it’s about to run it course as Farhad Moshiri continues to pump millions into Ronald Koeman’s vision.

Nobody could have expected Everton to have made £130mil worth of signings a full month before the Premier League kicks off for the 2017/18 season. The toffees have stuck to their traditions, morals and held their integrity through years of depression where many other club may have found it easier to throw the towel in and go into a steady decline, the club has Bill Kenwright to thank for that. Kenwright has recieved his fair share of dissatisfaction from Evertonians for not finding a new investor sooner, but as the current Everton chairman promised, he was waiting for the right man… and here he is, Farhad Moshiri. Who is now entrusting Ronald Koeman with his cash.

So far, since the end of the 2016/17 season, Everton have signed the following players for the following prices:

Jordan Pickford £30mil

Davy Klaassen £24mil

Henry Onyekuru £7mil

Sandro Ramirez £5.3mil

Michael Kean £30mil

Totalling £120mil, head and shoulders above that of any other team in the league so far. 

It’s not only a statement for the opposition but a warning that the Blue half of Merseyside is ready to challenge both on and off the field, something that in recent years hasn’t exactly been possible. In fact, Everton are making their neighbours look pretty weak in this current window as they have only mustard up one signing.

Michael Keane was undoubtably a big target for Jurgen Klopp and L’pool, aiming for a quality English addition to their vastly foreign side. Missing out on Keane to Everton would have kicked the reds where it hurt, it maybe a while before they get chance to recover as well as Everton continue their ruthless recruitment drive. Keane choosing Everton is a message to all, the desire and direction the club is heading into is something any decent player would want to be part of. 

Keane’s choice to pick the Blues isn’t that uncommon. Both Jordan Pickford and Sandro Ramirez where also reported in the national press as having links to a move to Anfield. Players clearly believe in a new found direction with a world class manager rather than a direction at Anfield that has been invested in over and over again and hasn’t come good for 3 or 4 managers. 

Money might just be the start for this new found revival of a former European giant that is and was Everton. Ronald Koeman is as ruthless and as pinpoint with detail as it appears Moshiri is. It would be doubtful that Koeman would allow his half of the bargain to fail. The tide on Merseyside has changed and the rest of the country and Europe and standing up and listening.


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