Shut the door behind you Rom.

Like all transfer fiasco’s that tend to keep rearing their ugly head at our club, we all have an opinion on them. The Lukaku situation is no different, there is still that obvious difference of opinion between fans based on wether we force the Belgian to see how his contract just to be aurl arses or sell him this summer and spend the £70mil+ on a striker that wants to be at our club.

Well, for what it matters here is my opinion on our want away striker. It’s obvious that the opinion of making him stay for another year would be more of benefit to the team and not the club or the fans. That move would be something that is likely to push Lukaku into a move quicker, meaning his lovely agent Riola would push harder with his potential new club to up the offer, which in turn should mean we receive a higher bid. Thats how it works.

The frustrating thing is I think Lukaku is badly misadvised by his agent in terms of how he conducts himself away from Everton. I can’t remember a time in the last Two seasons where Rom has gone to his national team and not spoken to his national media about wanting to walk away from Goodison. Yet, on his return, we see the Lukaku that celebrates with the fans after a goal and speaks highly of our club. It’s really embarrassing to watch as deep down every Evertonian knows he wants a way, but it would be nice for him to do it with a little class and keep his mouth shut when he’s having smoke blown up his backside on international duty.

The best option for the fans, our club and the rest of the team would be to keep the gates to Finch Farm locked and agree a sale of £70mil or more with another club before he has chance to step foot in the training ground again. It might not be nice to read but it’s the truth, we don’t want any protracted, drawn out farce of a transfer taking place like that of John Stones. Our season starts next month, we don’t have time to be messing around and ‘uming’ and ‘arghing’ over what we should do.

Lukaku doesn’t want a new contract, he isn’t interested. I think the club could throw him £120,000 a week and he’d still be looking at a move as soon as he walked out of the office. It’s a shame because he has been the best striker we have had so far in the Premier league years, there has been nobody in the 24 years of Premier League football who have scored more or preformed better than Lukaku. But, it’s time for him to go an find this promiseland he so desperately wants.

There are options out there to replace Lukaku, we have one of the best managers about who knows exactly what to look for in a player, we have a man in Steve Walsh we pay specifically to find talent and finally, we have the funds provided by Moshiri and potential for more from Lukaku. What are we waiting for?!1496840354878


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